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Our goal is to expose scams and scammers!
As stated throughout our website, out main goal is to expose scams and scammers.  We accomplish this goal by leveraging as much of technology as we can.  Two of the most tools in our arsenal is external scam data sources and our YouTube Channel.

External Scam Data

Sometimes too much information can be seen as a negative. The wealth of information available online is massive and sometimes it is just too much!  But data is also a very good thing!  Scam related data is vitally important because it can be used for scam prevention purposes.

At Stamp Out Scams, we are bringing volumes of scam related data from numerous external scam sources directly into our website!  This external data is fed into our site on a daily basis and retained for approximately on year.  By doing this, we are making this scam related data much simpler to access and to search.

In many regards, our site can be viewed as a scam library.  When you go to a public library, you usually have a specific topic in mind to look for.  When you get to the library, you use the libraries computers to search for your topic and/or book title.

When you come to our site, your goals are very similar to going to any library.  Obviously typing “scam” into our our Scam Search engine will found multiple results.  However, if users are looking for information relative to a particular scam, they should search for the common name associated with this scam.  For example, “pig-butchering scam,” “Zelle scam,” “romance” scams,” “identity theft,” “senior scams,” etc.

At Stamp Out Scams, we  feed data from over 46 scam related sources.  These scam related feeds include a diverse set of scam related topics.  This scam related topics include investment scams, Internet scams, identity theft, financial scams, employment scams, romance/dating app scams, current scams, cryptocurrency scams, COVID-19 scams, Amazon scams, pig-butchering scams, rental scams and worldwide scams.

As mentioned previously, all of this data is fed into our site on a daily basis.  So users can be confident that our site has the most current scam data.  Accessing this data is as easy as using anyone of our numerous Scam Search bars.  All of the results from search inquiries are clickable links.  Clicking on the links will bring users directly to the source data.  This source data will provide information relative to the scam being researched.

Our external data is fed directly into our “Blog” page.  This data remains on our site for approximately one year.  We retain this information because it still remains useful information for our users.  A search done from any site search bar will access this blog information.  It does not have to be done from our blog page.

Located at the top of this page is our “Scam Ticker.”  It contains real-time data and news relative to scams and scammers.  Additional  information on each scroll topic is available by simply clicking on the item in the ticker.  You will be brought to the originating source of that topic.

YouTube Videos

Have you ever heard of someone mention a certain scam, then try to explain it to you?  We have!  Most people have to  run to the Internet to try and find a more understandable explanation of a particular scam.  Often times this involves going over to YouTube.

While users usually have no trouble finding plenty of video explanations on YouTube, many find themselves losing interest fairly quickly.  They are too long, too detailed and not well presented.  The old adage of “Keep It Simple Stupid” comes to mind.

At Stamp Out Scams, we have both financial crimes investigative expertise and video editing skills.  With these skills, we believe we can provide consumers with an explanation of scams and scammers that are concise, yet comprehensive.  Doing this will result in more informed users, as well as arm them with a better understanding of the scam.

Above is Stamp Out Scams introductory video.  This video has been posted to our new YouTube channel.  This channel is available by clicking here.  By using a combination of animation and real-world visuals, this will detail the scams in a format that viewers can understand.  Just as important, presentations will be in a length that maintains viewer interest.

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Below is a video from our YouTube channel detailing an identity theft victim’s real horror story.  Both Part I and Part II of this video series can found at our YouTube Channel.  This video and other scam related videos can also be found on our site’s “ScamTV” page.

Logo for Stamp Out Scams
Identity theft can be dangerous?
The dangers surrounding identity theft are 100% real!
Identity theft losses are high?
Losses are 100% real.  Over $6.1 billion was lost in 2021 to identity theft!
Identity theft victims suffer from mental health issues?
It is 100% true that victims can suffer through mental health issues!
Consumers don’t need to worry about identity theft?
100% false! Consumers always need to be alert to identity theft!
Exposing Scams & Scammers!
Just as cockroaches hate light, scammers hate exposure. Here at Stamp Out Scams, we hope to expose scammers to the light. The more exposure of scams we get through our RSS Feeds and our YouTube channel, the better chance that the public is made aware of their existence.
Why we do it?
Explaining why we want to expose scams and scammers is easy.  It is because we have the experience and expertise to do it.  Also, we have the passion for it!  Doing nothing about scams and scammers when you have the background and skills to expose them,  serves no purpose.  It is incumbent on us to give back, as well as to make a difference in the world of scam prevention!
How we do it!
One of the ways we accomplish our scam prevention goals is by funneling as much scam related data from external sources into our site as possible.  With over 45 RSS Feed sources of scam data being fed into our site on a regular basis, we believe that we have developed the best scam data aggregator site available.
Experience Matters
Scammers are good at their trade…the scam hunters should be too!
Financial Crime Investigator
Over approximately 25 years conducting and overseeing large scale financial crimes cases. Investigative experience includes money laundering, hi-technology crimes, income tax evasion and undercover work.
Financial Skills
Our financial crimes background assists us in identifying and exposing scams and scammers. Our credentials include a degree in accounting, 25 years experience in financial crimes investigations, licensed California PI, a Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS), former Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Social Media Analyst (SMIA), Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator and Cellebrite Certified Cellphone Physical Analyst.
Modern Technology
Modern technology can be our enemy! But, it can also be our ally! At Stamp Out Scams we are leveraging the massive amount of publicly available scam data to combat the proliferation of scamming activity. Unfortunately the Internet has become a playground for scammers. We are using their own playground to combat their activities.
Scam Stoppers Network
There is a proliferation of agencies, private business, foundations and non-profits which all have a common goal: Combating scams. Our vision and goal is to unite these resources in a unified effort to combat scams. This will help push our scam prevention goals in a more coherent, cohesive and concise fashion. After all, our missions are all they same...say goodbye to scams, scammers and cons.
mission and vision
Stamp Out Scams
Stamp Out Scams is a not-for-profit organization and profits are not part of our goals.  Scam prevention is our ultimate goal!  Our clearly defined mission, vision and strategy for our scam prevention efforts are outlined below.
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Our mission is very straightforward!  We want to prevent the proliferation of scams.  We hope to accomplish this by providing as much information as possible on scams and scammers right here on our website.  Through our “Scam Search” engine on our website, we will provide scam information that is updated daily.
Our vision is to provide a one-stop website for finding information on scams and scammers.  This assists the public by minimizing the amount of research and time spent on identifying current and past scams.
Our strategy is to leverage the abundance of scam data available via the Internet into one location; our website.  We accomplish the compilation of this scam data by feeding data from as many websites as possible into our website.  All this data is searchable on our site via our ScamSearch engine.
Yes, experience matters!  That is why our users can be confident in the experience our founder provides.  His financial crimes investigative experience  provides the expertise and experience that is necessary for providing and understanding scam information.
Understanding technology is extremely important when overseeing scam data.  Having spent over 10 years in Silicon Valley investigating high-technology crimes, our founder brings this expertise to our site.
Our YouTube Channel is incredibly important in providing visually descriptive information relative to scams and scam information.  Our creative use of the combination of animation and real world visuals, set our videos apart.
Awards We Would Like To See
The “Annual Scammy Awards”

Top Scams

Scammy Winner 2023

Top Scam 

Scammy Winner 2023

Top Scam

Scammy Winner 2023
Our dream is to see an annual “Scammy Awards.”  Afterall, don’t the hardworking, devoted anti-scammers, deserve recognition for exposing scammers and their scams?
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