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Torn Asunder, Down Under: An Aussie Romance Scam Victim’s Story!

Join us in this heart-wrench­ing tale of a 26-year-old Aus­tralian woman who became the unsus­pect­ing vic­tim of an online scam. This real-life nar­ra­tive takes you on an emo­tion­al jour­ney, unveil­ing the sin­is­ter manip­u­la­tions of a man claim­ing to be a USA-based engi­neer fre­quent­ly work­ing in Turkey. Learn about the intri­cate web of deceit involv­ing the scam­mer’s sup­posed 9‑year-old son, a non-accept­ed cred­it card, and a Turk­ish bank’s refusal to allow a with­draw­al. Wit­ness how the vic­tim, dri­ven by empa­thy and good­will, lost more than she ever could have imag­ined, push­ing her to the brink of despair and even con­tem­plat­ing sui­cide. Despite the depth of her loss­es and an ongo­ing bat­tle with depres­sion, she coura­geous­ly shares her sto­ry with us.

Through her expe­ri­ence, she hopes to raise aware­ness about online scams and help oth­ers avoid the life-alter­ing mis­takes she made. In this video, we dive deep into the psy­cho­log­i­cal impact of such scams, the impor­tance of inter­net safe­ty, and the path to recov­ery for vic­tims. Join us as we sup­port her jour­ney to heal­ing and, togeth­er, let’s learn to pro­tect our­selves and our loved ones from falling prey to such scams #End­Scams #Inter­net­Safe­ty #men­tal­healthaware­ness 00:00 Intro­duc­tion 00:27 26 Year-Old Romance Scam Vic­tim From Aus­tralia 00:57 Scam­mers Often Use Same Scam Scripts 01:23 Need Lot’s Of Scam Con­tent To Expose Scam­mers 01:51 Vic­tim Left Depressed & Sui­ci­dal 02:05 Real Scam Sto­ries Told in Vic­tim’s Own Words 02:40 Romance Scam Vic­tim Tells Her Sto­ry 03:09 Scam Start­ed With Friend Request On Face­Book 04:19 Scam­mer Said He Was From USA With 9‑Year Old Son 04:49 Scam­mer Calls And Say Hotel In Turkey Would Not Take His Cred­it Card 05:19 Scam­mer Asks Vic­tim To Use His Cred­it Card To With­draw Mon­ey In Aus­tralia 05:52 Scam­mer Told Vic­tim His Son Broke His Leg & He Need­ed Mon­ey Quick­ly 06:28 Vic­tim Bor­rowed Mon­ey To Give Scam­mer 06:39 Part Of Scam Is Emails From Com­pa­ny Named Fair­way Express 07:25 Vic­tim Tells Scam­mer She Is Sus­pi­cious Of Com­pa­ny 07:52 Part Of Scam Involves Ask­ing For Pay­ment Of Par­cel Fees 08:53 Vic­tim Lost $50,000 Aus­tralian Dol­lars 09:13 Vic­tim Report Crime To ACORN In Aus­tralia


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