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India’s Thriving Scam Industry: Before You Call Tech Support|Watch This Video

CNA does a deep dive into the vast world of India’s scam call cen­ters, meet­ing those behind the decep­tion and the new breed of inter­na­tion­al scam­baiters who are try­ing to bring these scam­mers down. After sev­en years of run­ning tech sup­port scams, ‘Leo’ has lev­eled up. He is now an entre­pre­neur or a scam call cen­ter con­sul­tant who sets up scam­ming out­fits for those with mon­ey to invest. From hir­ing to hard­ware, he has it down to a sci­ence, espe­cial­ly on how long it will take to gen­er­ate returns for the investors. At the oth­er end of the spec­trum, we fol­low an Indi­an scam­baiter ‘Sven’ as he inves­ti­gates a local com­pa­ny that’s run­ning a scam call cen­ter. The major­i­ty of their vic­tims are Eng­lish-speak­ing for­eign­ers over­seas. Through reverse track­ing, he has man­aged to get into the company’s sys­tems, secur­ing access to their con­fi­den­tial files and real-time CCTV footage of scams tak­ing place. Will ‘Sven’ be able to find enough evi­dence to sub­mit to the police and con­duct a crack­down? Watch more Under­cov­er Asia:…

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