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Is Identity Theft Protection Worth It? Here’s What You Should Know From A ID Theft Victim!

Unfortunately, identity theft is extremely difficult to prevent. What compounds the proliferation of identity theft is that so much of our information is now online and easily accessible to a a ready chorus of crooks and thieves. While the Internet and the ease of conducting online activities has made all our lives easier, it has fueled an increase in identity theft crimes. In fact, it has made the thieves jobs easier! Fortunately there are actions consumers can take to protect themselves. There are numerous business online offering identity theft protection. Many of these identity theft services can be obtained for free. Most of these services focus on early detection and correction by monitoring your credit, financial accounts. They also monitor and public sources of personal information like social media. As most are aware, many apps we downloaded to our small devices such as smartphones and iPads are offered as “free.” However, if you want the full functionality of the app, you have to buy their “premium” version. Well, identity theft protection is similar. If you want the basic functions of identity theft protection, you can easily find it for free. But if you want the “premium” protection, you won’t be getting it for free. Hear from a real identity theft victim and learn from this experience. Identity theft can truly be a long nightmare for its victims. So watch this video and decide for yourself if identity theft protection is worth it!

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