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Catching A Scammer|Catching Singapore’s Very Own Tinder Swindler

Jer­ald Low is not your typ­i­cal scam­mer. He doesn’t hide behind screens, nor try to lure you in with anony­mous phone calls. He is an old school­mate hop­ing to recon­nect. Or the col­league who just start­ed, eager to please. Or your new date from a dat­ing app. All seems usu­al until he reveals that he is a rich Kore­an heir, an up-and-com­ing young entre­pre­neur, and a promis­ing busi­ness part­ner. Who is Jer­ald Low real­ly, and how did he cheat over 10 vic­tims of more than US$100,000? Vic­tims, police inves­ti­ga­tors and lawyers unrav­el and trace through the ser­i­al swindler’s web of lies to uncov­er: How did he engi­neer his schemes? What made him so believ­able to his vic­tims? What did it take for the police to even­tu­al­ly nab him? Also get a rare inside look into the psy­che of the con­man him­self. Speak­ing from with­in the con­fines of Chan­gi Prison where he now serves his sen­tence, Jer­ald opens up about what drove him to com­mit­ting these crimes, and what inspired them in the first place.

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