The internet has been called the information superhighway. But scammers, hackers, and other crooks are stealing your personal information.  So it’s a great idea to know how to lock down your devices, your network and your personal information. Yet, many happy social media enthusiasts don’t realize that through their social media postings, they are giving away TONS of personal information that can be used by scammers.

For example, how many times have you used the below information as a security question and/or password: • Mother’s maiden name. • Name of elementary school you attended • Name of high school you attended • Name of street you grew up on • Name of your first-grade teacher • City you grew up in.

Unwittingly many innocent victims are feeding this information directly to scammers via their online postings. But you will be shocked how many people will willingly give their personal information to a stranger…even right on the street! Take a look at our video and see just how easily people on the street do it. It is shocking! We want to thank the folks at Jimmy Kimmel live for the use of their man-on-street footage.

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