Welcome to our regular video series about “Romance Scams.” These stories are told in the real victim’s words, with the help of animation. Unfortunately, romance scam stories are abundant, so there is no lack of material. We want to bring these stories to life as much as possible and let them be heard and seen by as many as possible. In this video, our victim is scammed by an individual who calls himself “James Mares.”

In the interest of fairness, we do not know if this is the individual’s real name and/or if a person named “James Mares” actually exists. So Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. However, it is important to include any and all names used in these scams because they may be used repeatedly. Including these names in videos, blog postings, news articles, etc. creates content that can be associated with other ongoing scams.

If the actual perpetrator of this scam recognizes his story in this video, we ask that you do the right thing and stop victimizing innocent persons. Or for that matter, anyone that is involved in romance scams, please turn your life around. You can start by stopping! Please review our video chapters below. Often times this chapter names may trigger a memory, pattern, name, etc. that was used in some other scam. This can help identify patterns and document names that can be useful to others, including law enforcement.

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