In this shocking video, we explore the true story of a woman who fell victim to a romance scam and ended up being charged with a crime. This is a true story from the files of the FBI. The victim, unfortunately became a co-conspirator to crimes she committed on behalf of the scammers. To make matters worse, she was 81 years old. It all started with a seemingly innocent online relationship that quickly turned into a nightmare. The victim, Glenda, fell in love with a man who she called “my love.” He showered her with love and attention, and Glenda felt like she had finally found her soulmate.

The scammer told her he was a U.S. Citizen and working in Nigeria. As happens in many romance scams, things took a dark turn when the man started asking Glenda for money. At first, it was just a small amount for his”business”, but soon the requests became more frequent and larger. Glenda, blinded by love, sent the money. Unbeknownst to Glenda, the man was actually a part of a larger criminal organization that was using her as a money mule to launder their funds. They even convinced her to open bank accounts in the U.S. They also induced her to play an active role in their active scams. What eventually happened to Glenda, was truly a nightmare. On November 2, 2021, she pled guilty to two federal felonies.

Listen to Glenda’s story, and pay attention to the tactics used by romance scammers. Find out how innocent victims can be unwittingly drawn into criminal activity. This video serves as a warning to those who might be vulnerable to romance scams. To find out more about ongoing scams, please visit our website at On our site, we have information, both past and current, relative to ongoing worldwide scams. These scams are searchable directly from our site by using our integrated search bars.

Video Chapters 00:00 Introduction 00:25 Former Special Agent 00:55 Scam Prevention Videos 01:10 Video Highlights An Actual FBI Romance Scam Story 01:20 Elderly Victim Becomes A Criminal Target 01:49 Elderly Romance Scam Victim Tells Story 02:13 Scam Victim Becomes A Money Mule For Scammers 02:33 Money Mule Explained 03:03 After Multiple Warnings, Victim Beomes A Target 03:21 Don’t Be A Mule 03:47 Romance Scammers Duping Victims Into Becoming Money Mules 04:40 Recruiting Money Mules Is An Emerging Issue

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