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Stamp Out Scams Welcome Video

Wel­come to the new YouTube Chan­nel for Stamp Out Scams. Our goal at Stamp Out Scams is just as our name implies. We want to lit­er­al­ly stamp out scams! We hope to accom­plish this by pro­vid­ing infor­ma­tive videos and blog posts rel­a­tive to cur­rent and on-going scams. We know there are lots of videos on YouTube and all over the Inter­net rel­a­tive to scams and scam­mers. How­ev­er, what sep­a­rates us from most all of all these oth­er video chan­nels and sites, is that we are over­seen by our chan­nel cre­ator, who has real world expe­ri­ence inves­ti­gat­ing scams and scam­mers.

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