It has been over 2 years since my scam heartbreak. I not only had my heart broken but lost $25,000 of my savings. It all started when my husband of 25 years dumped me for a 20 year old Asian girl. I was devastated and had to go through all the pain of selling our home. Going to lawyers to unravel investments, Moving to another state and finding a new home I could afford. My whole world was turned upside down.

I was lonely so I decided to go onto a dating site. While I heard about dating sites, I had never used one before. I was contacted by a handsome 65 year old man calling himself Jeff Thomas. Watch this video to hear about a romance scammer going by the name Jeff Thomas. Be sure and remember the name “JEFF THOMAS.” Variations of romance scams with scammers using the name JEFF THOMAS are numerous. You can easily check this name, JEFF THOMAS, and whether there are romance scams using this name. Simply type “JEFF THOMAS ROMANCE SCAMMER” in Google or any other search engine, and you will find various scams and scammers using this name.

While the name may be the same, the scripts are slightly different. So are the associated pictures used by the scammers in their dating site profiles. The lesson learned from this scam, is many romance scammers can be identified right up front. Before they steal any of your hard-earned money. If many would-be victims were to type in the name given to them on a dating site, followed by the word SCAM, they will probably find the name has already been used in a romance scam. For some reason, scammers like to repeat the false names they have used previously. Maybe it’s superstitious, or just lazy.

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