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Voice Cloning: The Latest Tool Scammers Use To Steal Your Money!

Voice Cloning: The Lat­est Tool Scam­mers Use To Steal Your Mon­ey!

In this video we explore the dis­turb­ing trend of crim­i­nals using AI voic­es to deceive peo­ple into send­ing them mon­ey. With the advance­ment of tech­nol­o­gy, scam­mers are find­ing new and sophis­ti­cat­ed ways to prey on inno­cent indi­vid­u­als. One such method is the use of AI voic­es that can mim­ic the voice of a loved one in dis­tress, mak­ing it seem as though they urgent­ly need finan­cial help. This tac­tic can be par­tic­u­lar­ly effec­tive as it preys on peo­ple’s emo­tions and their desire to help their fam­i­ly mem­bers.

This scam is becom­ing more and more com­mon­place.  So it is more impor­tant than ever, that con­sumers know about this scam and what they can do to voice it.  Even more impor­tant, what they can do if they find them­selves caught up in this scam.  Be sure and watch now!!!

In this video, we will hear from actu­al vic­tims of this recent trend­ing voice cloning scam. These vic­tims told their sto­ry on ABC’s Good Morn­ing Amer­i­ca. A link to this news piece is below. This news piece that is a very alarm­ing exam­ple of just how dan­ger­ous the voice cloning scam has become. If you haven’t done so already, please like and sub­scribe to ABC’s Good Morn­ing Amer­i­ca for more infor­ma­tive news and videos.

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