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Welcome to Stamp Out Scams (SOS). As stated on the front-page of our Website, we are committed to identifying and exposing cons and scams from around the world.  There are no fees or charges to use this site.  Our main goal is to assist the public and reduce the number of persons and businesses victimized by scams. Scam prevention is our main goal.

At Stamp Out Scams, are tracking and identifying current and on-going scams. We are providing a continuous feed of current scams on our website. This feed will be updated hourly with the latest scam news and information. Through this feed, we hope to give consumers a fantastic resource for learning about the most current scams.

YouTube Channel

In addition to this scam feed, we have created our own YouTube channel. On this channel we will be outlining some of the most prominent on-going scams. These scams will be outlined in both animation and real-world visuals. For example, in our first YouTube video we summarize the Zelle scam. This scam is an extremely prominent scam and has bilked innocent Zelle users out lots of hard-earned money. We believe that scam prevention is achieved by using this format. This format keeps viewers interested and presents the scam in a more understandable fashion. All this goes a long way towards achieving our scam prevention goals.

Scam Searching

We are developing a one-stop “ScamSeach” bar for our website. Through this search bar, consumers will be able to research information relative to scams impacting the United States, as well as the world. This search engine will ping against as many scam databases as possible in order to research scams as in-depth as possible. What this will accomplish is, providing our users with the most hits possible on on-going scams.

Financial Investigation Experience

Our website founder has over 25 years experience conducting financial investigations. As a special agent with the United States Treasury Department, he investigated a host of federal criminal violations. These investigations included income tax fraud, money laundering, high-technology crimes, bankruptcy fraud and narcotics related crimes. In addition to this, he is a licensed California Private Investigator (CA PI License # 27495). Although he does not conduct actively conduct private investigations, he lends his experience and expertise to Stamp Out Scams in order to accomplish their goal of combating scams and cons. This website is not an advertisement for his investigative service. We are a non-profit foundation committed to combating scams.

If you have any information regarding scams or cons, please visit our contact page and relay this information to us. We want to hear about any current scams or scam related information. Scam prevention is achieved through the mutual sharing of information.



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